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in-depth commission tos

tos template inspired by jirvey on deviantart


1. I, the artist, retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork. The client may not claim it as their own or use it for commercial use!

2. Client has permission to repost their commissioned artwork wherever they would like, as long as proper credit is given to me in some form in the post, and my watermark remains intact and unaltered

3. Prohibited actions:

  • Altering the artwork in any way without permission beforehand, excluding cropping/resizing the image for a profile picture/icon/other use
  • Tracing my artwork and publicly claiming it as your own

1. I accept payment in USD. These payments will be taken in Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp ONLY.

2. Payment is to be expected upfront after discussing what the client wants in their commission.

3. Refund Policy

  • If a client is having second thoughts on the commission before they get their sketch, a full refund will be given
  • If a client is unsatisfied with the sketch, or no longer wants to continue with the commission at the time of getting the sketch, a full refund will be given
  • Absolutely no refunds will be given after this sketch period, and when the client is satisfied with their sketch
  • If I cancel the commission due to my inability to complete it at any state, a full refund will be given

1. Discussion of your commission can be conducted through my email, discord, twitter, or instagram.


1. The completion of your commission will be done roughly between 1 to 2 weeks after originally disussing it. If there are any delays in the commission, I will notify the client.

2. A sketch will be sent to the client within a few hours to a couple days of first discussing the commission. THE SKETCH IS THE LONGEST PART OF MY PROCESS, SO IT WILL OFTEN TIMES BE THE PART THAT TAKES THE LONGEST TO GET TO YOU!

3. During the sketch phase, the client can request any major and/or minor changes they'd like to the art until they are satisfied

4. During the sketch phase, commisison progress will not go forward until the client is 100% satisfied with the sketch

5. Simple updates will be given to the client on the commission progress unless asked to not do so

6. When the final product is given to the client, minor changes can be requested until the client is satisfied.

7. If you would not like your commission to be posted online, please tell me so.

This TOS is subject to change, but notice will be given on various socials when such happens